Zvucna Kutija No.3

Zvucna Kutija No.3


Recent years, USA PAL Light & Audio Inc has new contribution on line Array technology development. An important achievement of optimizing all the sound reinforcement technology and operating parameters of a vertical line array with state of the art performance NO. 2 (1,3) and NO. 4, with wide coverage area, vivid sound, high clarity, high sound pressure, strong reproducing capability, be widely used in life performance, out-door and large size application.

Neodium-magnet lightweight, high-powered, user-friendly installation. Smart design, ply wood, of international line array standard.

Power: 500W-1000W

Components: 2 × 8″ Low+ 2 × 8″ Mid + 2 × 34Ti

Impedance: 8 Ω

SPL: 97dB (1m/1w)

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na 12 rata

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