Patch Kabl Elixir 92412 12"

Patch Kabl Elixir 92412 12"


High-quality Patch cable for connecting of effects pedals etc. Elixir® Cables – Ordinary cables can distort the sound of your guitar by pushing the mids up and turning the highs down. Elixir® Cables features a unique cable technology that fixes this problem by delivering the lowest capacitance and truest voice of your guitar. Elixir® Cables are engineered to have the lowest overall capacitance through the entire signal chain; from the guitar through the pedals to the amp. This means the Elixir Cables deliver nothing but clean, clear signals with the mids and all-important highs intact.


Angled/Angled 1/4″ plugs (6.35 mm)

Gold-plated plug

Cable length: 12″ / 30 cm

Colour: black

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