Practice Right

Practice Right


Practice-Right was developed and designed to give the proper position of the player’s hand and enable the fingers to pluck the strings at the correct angle. It provides a slightly arched position of the wrist. This position is based on the right hand technique established by the great Spanish guitar virtuoso-Maestro Andrés Segovia. Practice-Right combines the old tradition with modern principals and allows the most comfortable position and alignment of the hand. It will prevent the wrist from being too low or over arched, and will prevent the hand from being kinked too much on the right or left side.

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Pogledaj uslove

Practice-Right is adjustable. The flexible yet supportive core will enable the player to find the most suitable position for the hand. It allows the player to make individual position adjustments.

Practice-Right is a great teaching aid. Since there are several guitar schools and some teachers have different preferences, Practice-Right allows the player to change the angle and make position adjustments.

Practice-Right is designed to fit the player’s forearm and hand, giving the proper position while allowing freedom of movement for your fingers and a thumb.

The elastic strap will enable comfortable feeling and flexibility of the player’s hand.

Practice-Right is made of a stylish and durable black cloth material.

Easy to use Velcro will allow the player to secure the product on the forearm.

Practice-Right can be used by both right and left-handed players.

Practice-Right is designed so it can fit smaller or bigger hands.

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