Stanica Za Testiranje Mikrofona JTS TS-8I

Stanica Za Testiranje Mikrofona JTS TS-8I


  • Slobodno nas kontaktirajte:
  • Centrala  0652703332
  • Novi Sad  0652452411

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na 12 rata

Pogledaj uslove


Pogledaj uslove

The considerate ergonomic design when operating the push-button keyboard is to put the tester in the center.

Moreover it is easier to reach the microphones simultaneously via each individual “Push to Talk” button.

Attached 1 pair of professional headphones allows people to monitor the sound from different microphones easily at the same time. The headphone hangers are mounted in a convenient and easy spot to reach.

The soft cambered surface appearance obviously attracts people’s intention to stand by.

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